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  5. Thank you Team Ukrainian!!! :D


Thank you Team Ukrainian!!! :D

Getting used to the Ukrainian Cyrillic keyboard will be tough but definitely worth it. This course is lovely already! :) Thank you so much for all your labors of love, Team Ukrainian!

May 21, 2015



Thank you very much for making this wonderful course. I was waiting for a long time. I learned Ukrainian for about two years and I am so happy to see I still know a lot from this beautiful language. I really enjoy doing your lessons. Wish you the best of luck and ДЯКУЮ :)


Did you get little stickers for your keyboard or a whole new Ukrainian keyboard?


I am just memorizing where they are :)


Ah I see, good luck with the course, will you be buzzing through these two like you did with Turkish haha?


OMG NO WAY. lol Though the Ukrainian course is a little shorter, there is a HUGE learning curve with regard to memorizing the keyboard. And Norwegian is super long! Plus I'm super busy this weekend, unfortunately. Bad timing for me but still awesome that they are finally here!!! Next week though ;)


You should try to use a phonetic keyboard, it will be much easier to remember it.


You should try Google Input Tools. It's a phonetic keyboard. :D


I'd recommend making a screenshot of your preferred layout (If you have no preferred layout yet, pick a phonetic one) and setting it as a desktop wallpaper.


Thank you so much for making the Ukrainian course! But how do I get the Ukrainian Cyrillic keyboard? How did you get it? Do I have to change something on my computers adjustments? Thanks a lot Team Ukrainian!


If you're finding the standard keyboards hard to use, I recommend checking this old thread of mine discussing other and easier input methods: My recommendation is to use at least something phonetic. If you are not planning to learn Russian and you're using Windows, this one is a reasonable alternative.


I am absolutely loving this course!! :D thank you! ps. I know Russian and this makes everything more fun ^_^


Thank you! Let's start my journey with Ukrainian!


Buy Ukrainian keyboard stickers online and place them on your keys. Then set the setting so you can easily switch, so much easier. When will this be available for app? Really looking forward to dive into this course. Well done all involved.


I love this course! And now I'll be spending all my free time learning Ukrainian. ;)

The only downside I see is going between Cyrillic and English keyboards all the time, but that's part of the fun I guess

btw. Being a native Polish speaker is quite helpful here. I can mostly figure out things when I hear them. I'm sure it'll get harder later on, but I've been surprised by the amount of similarities so far. :)


love it but i want for mobile how long does it take to reach android i want to do it but i just dont like on the computer with the keyboards and stuff on the phone i just need to add another language and its done


Android and iOS come after beta. You can try the mobile version but it has bugs on its own..


I'm having no trouble with Android now, on Level 5 of Ukranian. Using a keyboard called MessagEase available on Play Store. Using a Moto X phone and version 4.4 something of Android.


Yay! Thanks so much team Ukranian!


Yeah, the keyboard is tough to get used to. I clicked the q and got a strange Cryllic letter and realized "hon hon, this will be tough."

Regardless, I'm very excited, and hope to get started on the language even more once finals are over.


Thank you so much indeed, it looks very promising ! For those who can't be bothered with virtual keyboards or stickers, you should defintalely try transliteration (http://ua.translit.net/, for example).


Thanks so much for offering this course. I'm so excited to learn a new language with a major different roots than any other language that I tried to learn before.


i just memorize the sounds


Yes! Thank you! I love the course! I wasn't planning on doing it all but I was hooked from the start! The sentences are funny and clear. It's awesome!


Thank you guys, great work!


I am so glad Russian is delayed a bit! I am on Level 5 of Ukranian and am enjoying it very much. I will add Russian when it is available, but will definitely continue with Ukranian as well. Thanks for doing a great job.


this inspired me to learn ukrainian and I'm filipino and I love this language more ... because it's the most simplified yet many complexity! :)


(Unofficial) Duolingo Ukrainian Stories have been launched: https://carex.uber.space/stories/index.html?lang=uk&lang_base=en

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