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"En mann, en kvinne og en jente"

Translation:A man, a woman and a girl

May 21, 2015



Is the oxford comma a thing in Norwegian?


No, unfortunately :( I'm a big fan of its use in English.


what is "oxford comma"?


The oxford comma is the comma before "and" in a list. For example: a man, a woman, and a girl. The comma after woman is the oxford comma. Its usage is debated. Some people use it, some don't. I prefer to use it, it just looks nicer.


Example: There is my best friend, my wife, and my daughter. (with oxford comma) VS Here is my best friend, my wife and my daughter. (without) You can see that the latter could imply something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


how is 'og' pronounced? most the time the g sounds silent but when I play it slowly i hear the g as you would in english


It depends on the dialect, but the "g" is usually silent unless you want to stress the word.


can someone explain the difference between ei, et, and en?


They're all indefinite articles, but they're used with nouns of different genders:

  • ei is for feminine nouns.
  • et is for neuter nouns.
  • en is for masculine nouns, and may also be used for feminine nouns.


What's the difference between "jente" and "jenta"?

  • "ei/en jente" is the indefinite singular, "a girl".
  • "jenta" (f.) and "jenten" (m.) are the definite singular, "the girl".


How do you say kvinne it is the hardest word to pronounce for me


It may help to know that it's related to the English word "queen".


I find it very difficult too. I repeat after the audio every time and I hope that it will come more naturally with time. You posted this six months ago, so you've probably already got the hang of it :)

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