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  5. "Тато і мама"

"Тато і мама"

Translation:Dad and mom

May 21, 2015



So, what is the difference between та and i? Maybe the same that Russian и and а?

[deactivated user]

    No, and that is important: Russian и corresponds to Ukrainian і, й or та, according to euphony (how well it will sound), whereas а is the same in both languages.


    what is the diffrence between i and Ta?


    Whoa. This font is WAY different than Spanish


    Well, that's not a "font" exactly, it is a different alphabet.


    What is the difference between ta and i


    A lot of people ask that. Here is an answer for everyone: there is no difference, but im pretty sure the most commonly used one is i. Ta is rarely used and I feel like its also kinda old timey. But dont worry. It will get easier after a while.


    Що ти маєш на увазі?


    i am unable to convert my keyboard to Ukrainian language hence i am unable to move further in the learning process. So what can i do ?


    Go to settings. Find like keyboard, language , keyboard language, language settings , keyboard settings, something like that. Just explore and try all the stuff there is (thats what i did and i got it) because its usually a bit different for all devices. If you still cant find it, you can also just look it up on google, safari, youtube or something. Or you could try asking alexa or google home or siri or google assistant(lol i feel like i just named all technology ever made lol) and if you STILL cant find it, 1: ....wow..... and 2:maybe call or write to either duolingo or your phone company, cuz' THATs messed up. Anyway, have a great day and hope you figure it out soon! ( that probably tookme like 10 minutes to write lol) bye! :)


    Download Ukrainian language letter through settings in the keyboard. You can change.


    Are мама і тато. really incorrect? Is it that, in this instance, та must be used instead of i? Thank you. Дякую.


    Why can one not reply Father and Mother, as well as Dad and Mom, or Ma and Pa?


    Because Father is translated "батько", Mother - "мати", these are more formal, Mom and Dad are familiar


    This is not ukranian, i was waiting and waiting and waiting, but this is the pronunciaton no the languague


    This is just the beginning of the course. Are you having trouble with the microphone? You can change your settings. Are you having trouble to wait for more vocabulary? Do you wish to learn to read rather than say?


    Well, my brother show me the letters of the english and the ukranian, but i can't learn because the letters of the ukranian are so strange my keyboard...


    Check out the Alphabet songs to learn the alphabet and then check out the keyboard layout to learn where the keys will be on your keyboard if you download a new keyboard layout which will allow you to type those letters even with the keyboard you have. You will be able to switch from one language keyboard layout to the other.

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