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  5. "Mom and dad are there."

"Mom and dad are there."

Translation:Мама та тато там.

May 21, 2015



"мама i тато там." is also accepted as correct.


Now the version I put is above. What happened to "там мама та тато." which was the answer listed above when I made my first comment? Is it also still accepted as correct?


Well, thats correct, but most people would say, if they were to put "tam" first, "tam mama i tato" but also you can say it with "tam" at the end like the app says. But basically, its all the same thing, but the app just doesnt accept some of it. Good luck :)


That's what I put...


When do you use та vs і ??


I think that it is more difficult than it should be to type Ukrainian on Duolingo with a non-Cyrillic keyboard as you have to change Windows settings, download the language, install the language, and set it as your primary language. Duolingo should just do as it normally does and put the letters below the answer box.


It's one thing when it's half a dozen diacritics, I don't think that would work so well with an entire alphabet. They do that on Memrise and it's horrible to use.


Setting it as your primary language is as simple as Alt+Shift though, leaving English as primary and just shifting over to Ukrainian when needed.


I agree it would be useful for most people, though if you're typing Ukrainian to someone, do you think you'll have the letters in front of you like that? Just download a keyboard layout from google, that's how I learnt. If that doesn't work for you, you can buy Cyrillic keys for your keyboard online.


Hey! Have you heard of Google's Input Tools? {Assuming you use Google Chrome,} It makes it super easy to type! For example, "Ya ne tam de vy" (I am not where you are) will give you the perfectly right answer (Я не там де ви.) As opposed to learning a whole new typing system, I highly recommend it!


‘Мама й/і тато’ is much more preferable than ‘Мама та тато’ because we naturally try to avoid such repetitions as ‘та та’ in the latter. Although both are grammatically correct.


Ahh, no weird conjugations so far! Nice.


Question: is it my idea or in all these sentences the verb "to be" is not written?


"to be" is generally omited in Present


"Generally" applies for all personal pronouns or just singular ones?


All, because "be" has only one form in present - є. And we tend to omit є


Я з Украины)


Can I use й instead of і?


Yes, if that say easy for you. But sometimes it is not easy. "Дід й тато" (Grandfather and dad) hard to say and need say "дід і тато". The essence of the language is melodic. )


Do I use "tata" or do I always use "tato"?


Only if you are a toddler learning to talk


тата is a genitive and accusative of тато


Sorry but how can we type Ukranian letters ? I uploaded the the language to my system but I have to memorize the places of each letter in my latin keyboard and this is not so easy ! Do you have a simpler method for this ? Otherwise it will be quite impractical to anyone who is not familiar with the alphabet


If you're on an Android phone then get something like SwiftKey which lets you easily swap between alphabets. If you're on a Windows computer then go Start>All Programs>Accessories>Ease of Access>On-Screen Keyboard and click that.

Pin it to either start menu or taskbar, whichever is easier, and use that as your guide while you practice. And then after a while you won't need to look at the on-screen keyboard as you'll pick it up easily enough. Keep in mind too that on a Windows computer you can easily swap between languages with Alt+LShift. Not sure of the commands on a Mac but they have the same functionaltiy.

If that's too much effort (although that's the easier way) then you can go to Ebay and search for "Cyrillic keyboard stickers". I've only ever found Russian on there and you'll still need to look at the on-screen keyboard to know which letter goes where and which letters are to be left off, but it means you can look directly at the keyboard.

You'll still need practice to get used to a new alphabet though.


thanks very much !


Can i put a ukrainian keyboard?


How is i, ta used for the word and?


і or й (if following a vowel) is the normal one to use. та is more of an alternative and sometimes a bit of a definitive type "and".

[deactivated user]

    Thanks a lot for the explanation!


    Io non ho capito "come si traduce" ta o i.


    I speak Spanish and using 'i' instead of 'ta' rolls off the tongue better; besieds, i naturally assumed it was the latter.

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