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  5. "Hur söker man i texten?"

"Hur söker man i texten?"

Translation:How does one search the text?

May 21, 2015



I have heard Ctrl-F works in most cases.


Because macs are irrelevant.


Mac Heathen, PC is the master race!


Indeed, they are, and Unix too. Windows has the power xD


In English, referring to someone as "one" sounds a bit pompous. Is the Swedish translation as formal as the English word? Or is it just idiomatic?


man is normal in Swedish, it's used a lot. I think we picked one for the main translation because it's unambiguous, unlike you.


Is this a block of text or an SMS (or both?)


We don't use the word 'text' for SMS, actually it's ett sms. Well, if you want to be formal you can say ett textmeddelande.


I think I'll stick will Ett sms


I'm curious as to how correct translations are decided. In English, it feels much more natural (to me, at least) to say "How does one search through the text?", assuming we're talking about, perhaps, trying to find keywords on a webpage or in a text document. Certainly "through" is not a valid translation of "i", but usually one translates more the meaning of the sentence and not just every word literally.


In general, we accept as many correct variations as possible, as long as they don't deviate too far from the source sentence. But trying to find a perfect default translation can be a huge hassle.

The main reason for not having the most idiomatic translation as the default is often the reverse sentence. What we enter as the default also turns up as a "translate into Swedish" exercise. You'll frequently find that these are a little too literal in English, as compared to the more idiomatic translation. This is on purpose, since the goal is to teach Swedish words and sentence constructions. If it gets too ridiculous, we'll turn the reverse sentence exercise off, but if we did that too often, there would be too few of those left.

So it's a tradeoff between, really, teaching good Swedish and having/teaching good English. Sometimes we're in the wrong, and often there's no perfect answer.

Having said that, there's a slight (but usually irrelevant) difference between searching a text and searching through a text, and Swedish can use söka igenom texten for the latter. :)


Tack för den fina supporten. Ni gör det verkligen bra. Kör på och ta gärna in arabiska med :)


Shouldn't "How do I search the text?" be accepted too?


No, that's changing the person from the general you into "I".


Would "Hur söker man texten" be incorrect?


That would imply you are searching for the location of the text and not searching within the content of the text


Why is "how to search in the text" not accepted?


That kind of general statement would be rather like "Hur man söker i texten". The sentence in question here is a question and phrased as such.


You could also ask it as a question. I don't think "how does one" is commonly used in English nowadays. "How do you" would be more common.


Yes, "how do you" is also accepted.

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