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Ukrainian <- English for Russian speakers

Dear Contributors!

Firstly, let me thank You for all the hours dedicated to this Project for the sake of all the learners of the world!

I want to ask a straightforward question...

Is it a good idea for people who are proficient in Russian to start this course? Or, maybe, it will be a longer path, since, I guess, there is an overlap in Russian and Ukrainian lexicon, grammar, and it's better to go out of Duolingo and find books/tutorials for direct RU -> UKR experience?

May 21, 2015



Depends on your reasons to switch to learning UA. And on how you organize your studying process.


I would say as an additional tool Duolingo can be the right thing.


I believe, for those who are absolutely fluent in Russian or native Russians, typing phrases with similar words in the course would be a boring thing. You'll learn efficiently, if you start to read and listen to Ukrainian text/videos. There are a lot of news sites with articles in both languages and on YouTube one can find Ukrainian videos with russian subtitles. Happy learning!


Thank you for the responses!

I want to develop mostly conversational skills, Listening + Speaking. At the moment I understand about 50% of Ukrainian speech, but the active part of language is at the absolute zero level.

Just now, I've realized the incorrect entity of the posed question: if I want to learn a new language, I should try to use every opportunity, hence our old Duo can't be odd.


I have to say, a RU > UK course on Duolingo would be a-may-zing.


I think it depends on how good you are - I know some, but I still think it will be better for me ENG -> UKR. But if you're proficient, I recommend just using flashcards. The grammar is all the same, from what I understand, just a few different works. 70% lexical similarity is between Ukrainian and Russian, I think.


62% according to Wikipedia :)


It's a good idea but we have to find a Russian-English speaker

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