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Placement test doesn't work

I think I can skip quite a bit, knowing Russian, but the placement test doesn't work. It just refreshes the page when I click on it.

Also, Молодець on making this!

Bravo to the Ukrainian team.

May 21, 2015



Will report it to the dev. team.


Ya, I also knowing some Russian wanted to take a placement test for Ukrainian but it is not working :(


Does he speak Ukrainian?


Same here, I ended up doing the letter lessons anyway though, since the placement test would not work.


I had the same issue. I guess I will just test out of a few lessons individually. Shame, though! I am kind of glad it's not just me, I admit!


I don't know what you all meant by the placement test not working but here is what happened to me: I managed to do the test with only few mistakes (I do know the basics). Still the result was that I didn't get any skills passed. When I tested them separately, I at least passed the first ones easily.

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