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  5. "Are you in a cafe?"

"Are you in a cafe?"

Translation:Ви у кафе?

May 21, 2015




This came up as a multiple-choice question. I chose Ви у кафе? but apparently there was an alternative answer: "ви в цвому кафе?" - But I didn't know what it meant, so it marked it wrong. :/

Please, what does в цвому mean?


.. in this cafe. (should be в цьому кафе)


The question uses indefinite article. It is about any cafe, not that or this, right? In other courses, using indef. art. instead of def. art (and vice versa) is considered a mistake.


Well, we don't have a context on DL. Translating ENG-UKR. is pretty clear. But when you go UKR-ENG could be both, depending on the context.


Oh thank you! (Sorry for the typo! I tried to type it from memory! :-])

Is it a form of це?


Yes, цьому is the masculine/neuter, locative form of the pronoun це.

Here is a table.

I think I've seen you in the Turkish course so I'm guessing you know what locative means :)


Cool! Thank you so much for that table!

(Yes, I'm one of the contributors of the Turkish course^^)

So: в + locative is "in/at/on". There is also (цім) in parentheses. Does that mean I can also say: Ми в цім кафе (we are at this café) ?


цьому sounds more natural to me so I'd use that, but Ukrainian also isn't my native language so I don't want to lead you astray!


Got it! Much obliged! Thank you so much!


Yes. Locative case of ЦЕ.


Але у реченні використовується 'a' ("Are you in a cafe?'). Якщо я правильно розумію 'a' значить що мається на увазі будь-яке кафе і це на мою думку не дуже в'яжеться з '... в цьому кафе?'. Чи я щось неправільно розумію?


Так, "а" має на увазі будь-яке, а "в цьому", це більш конкретно "in this". "ви у кафе" може означати "Are you in the cafe" або "Are you in a cafe". "The" це типа коли ви обидва знаєте про це кафе і це білшь конкретно. а "This" я б сказав що це навіть білше конкретно ніж "The". Коли ви вказуєте це кафе комусь чи щось таке.


I added Є at the beginning of the sentence but it didn't take. Isn't this technically correct?


I highly doubt if it is even technically correct. Word order is rarely changed in Ukrainian, and it is not the case where the reverse is applicable.


Є means "to be" - it's an auxiliary verb in English, but Ukranian it is used way less frequently. In this sentence, you can't add it.


Is there a big different between "Ті" and "Ти"?


"Ті" is "those" and "ти" is "you" (singular). "і" and "и" also denote different sounds.

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