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  5. "Alle kattene er svarte."

"Alle kattene er svarte."

Translation:All the cats are black.

May 21, 2015



The audio for "svarte" is wrong, it should be pronounced with a short /a/. With a long /a/, the word means "answered".


"Beware of the night, child. All cats are black in the dark." (Jean Genet)


So.. In Norwegian, when I say "something is X", is X treated as an adverb or an adjective? It seems like it's adapted to the noun it refers to. In German, it is treated as an adjverb (i.e. belonging to "is" rather than "something"), and thus not inflected to match the noun...


I think it is treated like an adjective, therefore it inflects according the noun (if it's indefinite masculine/feminine, neutral, plural and definite)


Thanks! That is a helpful reminder for me. I make flash cards when I come across new words & I only put the one with the little pic (0-level) to start with. I added your notes to the "color" card, as I'm sure this will pop up again. Tusen takk!


How would one say "All cats are red and black"?


I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it would be alle katter er røde og svarte.


In English "the" is understood (e.g. implied ) and so - "all cats are black" is perfectly acceptable


No, not necessarily. This statement may be referring to a specific group of cats. If you were talking to someone about 5 black cats, you would need the "the" as the definite article, instead of just using the general statement, "all cats are black."


I mørket er alle katter grå.


Jeg elsker svarte kattene!!!!

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