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  5. "Моя кішка п'є молоко."

"Моя кішка п'є молоко."

Translation:My cat drinks milk.

May 21, 2015



Grrrr....confusing кішка with кишка.....


"кішка" is a "female cat". "і" is spelled as "ee" in "feet", but shorter.

And "кишка" means "guts". "и" is spelled as "i" in "fit". (This one is the same in Russian too!)


If I see a random cat in the street, should I se кіт or кішка? Which one is more frequently used?


Кішка is a female cat. I guess, a random cat in the street won't tell you its gender right away.. I would say кіт


Much obliged! Thanks :-]


Ukrainian usually uses masculine forms for anyone of unknown gender :)


Like every other language except English and possibly German, which can use a neuter term, "it".


Comments from SergioRuido and Vinnfred are completely correct. But no metter how you say about a random cat. If you see a cat and it look like a female you boldly may say кішка and noone don't say you anything athwart.


Even if the animal doesnt look like femal you can say кішка, till you dont know the gender. It`s just no metter how you say about a random cat :)


Don't give молоко to a кіт - it's not good for them


Is there a difference between киця and кішка?


Киця is diminutive. Like "❤❤❤❤❤", but in a, hm, cat context


Some people say : котик, котичок, кицьо, кицюлік (mal), кицька, киця, кицюня, кицюля (femal) - this are diminutive, and we also say it to lovely person, to boyfriend or girlfriend. Ukrainian people like a diminutive forms very much :)


Not this sentence in particular, just wanted to comment that i wish the words spoke when you tapped them, like the Latin lessons. Annoying yes, but helps me hear. I keep reading them and pronouncing them wrong for a long time, because i forget how the letters work, or don't hear a new word spoken for several lessons


I wrote "kitty" instead "cat" and it was wrong... They're the same...

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