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  5. "Hun har ikke et brød."

"Hun har ikke et brød."

Translation:She does not have a loaf of bread.

May 21, 2015



A little tip for Norwegian course beginners: In a basic statement, the negation (ikke, in this case) comes after the verb. "I don't have a car" = "Jeg har ikke en bil." "I'm not sleeping" "Jeg sover ikke'

Hope this clears up any issue anyone might have with the word order in these types of sentences.


Thanks, that cleared the confusion.


Why is the translation 'she does not have any bread' incorrect?


Because "et brød" can't be "some bread", it must be "a bread" (or "a loaf of bread") -- the "et" is "one" or "a(n)".


Except “a bread” is not a thing in English. English treats bread as an uncountable noun. Anyway, “she doesn’t have bread” is accepted now, so “any bread” should be too.

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