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I found an Ukrainian phonetic keyboard.

I know it might be like cheating, but when will I really ever need to know an actual Ukrainian keyboard?

May 21, 2015

Cheating? It's not cheating, one should use input method that fits him best

Why would that be cheating? Is having an actual Ukrainian keyboard (i.e. with the cyrillic letters written on the keys) cheating as well?

The whole point of a keyboard is to be able to write letters and phonetic keyboards make that easier if you already know your latin alphabet keyboard, I don’t see what could be the point of not using a phonetic keyboard (unless maybe you will have to use an actual Ukrainian keyboard in the future and you will need to type fast on it).

It's much easier to use the phonetic keyboard but certainly not cheating! But my phone, where I do most of my typing in my every day life, has a Cyrillic keyboard for Ukrainian and no phonetic one, so I've decided to go through the extra work of learning with a Cyrillic keyboard (no stickers yet, so it's an adventure trying to remember where the letters I want are!) that way I can start associating the sounds with the Cyrillic letters right from the start. shrug Whatever works best for each person!

Do you think it helps to have the same layout on your computer and on your phone? For me it's two completely different ways of typing, so you should use whatever is most convenient in each case and it doesn't have to be the same layout.

I'm actually using two completely different layouts for the Latin alphabet : Bépo on my computer (equivalent of Dvorak for French) and the standard Azerty one on my phone and I haven't had any problem with that. I even tried to use Bépo on my phone as well (when I was already proficient in using it on my computer), but there wasn't much point in doing that and I never got used to it, so I reverted to the standard one.

At least for now, the Ukrainian keyboard layouts on my phone and computer are different (not familiar enough with how different they are though; it might just be a couple letters). It doesn't seem to be all that confusing, other than my computer doesn't have stickers, so I just have to remember that, for example, what looks like the T key actually gives me е/Е when I have it set to the Ukrainian layout. l also have a touchscreen laptop I occasionally use, so that has a on-screen Ukrainian keyboard, and the only difference between that and my phone is that my phone has і/ї and г/ґ on the same keys, but that computer has ї and ґ on the far right of the keyboard.

My phone's keyboards for other languages using the Latin alphabet are each a bit different, which can be confusing when I first switch languages, but I usually don't have a whole lot of trouble switching once I've gotten used to a new layout.

Within the same language though, I do think it saves time to use the same layout across devices. I certainly learned to type on my phone much faster because I was already familiar with the keyboard layout! I think that's a lot of why phones all switched to standard keyboard layouts as soon as it was possible to make the keys/screen big enough for it. I'd be curious to know if there's ever been any scientific research on the subject!

You gave us a great idea. After reading your post I went to my settings and turned on the on screen key board. I have windows 8.1 but I don't have a touch screen, however it still works. And you can minimize it when you don't want it cluttering the screen.Thanks a lot.

On a smartphone? They don't have phonetic keyboards.

But their keyboards show up with Ukrainian letters - basically it's a much easier way of stickers, and that I can handle. Also, I think there are applications you can download on a telephone.

You can add them as you would with the emoji if you have an iPhone. Settings > Keyboard > Keyboards and Ukrainian is in there. Have to wait until Beta is finished before it becomes available though I think.

Having a Russian phonetic keyboard helped me immensely in college. Good find.

Oh, thank heavens! The "standard" Ukrainian keyboard was making me cray cray! This one helps a lot.

(Will I be able to use this same one for Russian later when it arrives in beta?)

Yep! Without an on-screen option I can only remember м, а, я, в, and т on the Ukrainian layout :P

I think they should explain basics (keyboard, set-up) to people in a sticky post or something like that. When I studying Russian I didn't know about that keyboard stuff and set a picture with a Russian alphabet as a wallpaper on my desktop :)

Haha, both of those are really good ideas :D Without some sort of guide or visual aid I have a feeling it's going to take a looong time to remember the keys - I struggle to remember the extra one or two I have on Faroese/Finnish!

Yes, and how to change keyboard setup, in a language that non-computerwise people understand:)

You need to have windows 8 or 8.1 go to the settings, that is on your right side of the screen. then go to PC settings, then Ease of Access. select keyboard, then turn on screen keyboard on. You are almost there. The next thing to do is go to the little keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen and right click it, choose pin to taskbar. Now you should be good to go. When you want the keyboard you will just need to click on the little icon. Now to switch between languages use the windows key and the space bar. Best of luck

You are most welcome,

Ooh, thanks. That will help a lot. I find the keyboard is totally slowing me down.

I wonder if Ukrainian could have a few letters added like Spanish has , that would be terrific. Always switching keyboards is such a nuisance. But I will work with what I have. Thanks guys for the course, it is fantastic so far.

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