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  5. "Yes, the cat is there."

"Yes, the cat is there."

Translation:Так, кіт там.

May 21, 2015



Are there no definite articles, or is it just not taught until later?


From the notes of the first skill:

"There are no articles a/an, the in Ukrainian language. The meaning of English articles is usually conveyed by the context."


No, we don't have a concept of articles so we don't differentiate between "the cat" and "a cat" at all, therefore, кіт can be translated to either depending on the context.

When we want to achieve a specification obtained by using "the" in English we just literally say "this cat" (цей кіт) or "that cat" (той кіт), while "a cat" will definitely just be кіт


If you really need to specify an object, you can use the equivalent of "this/that/yon" + the noun in Slavic languages. Besides that option, in the other cases you should rely on your intuition.

PS Some Slavic languages (Bulgaro-Macedonian and some dialects of Slovenian) have "proper" definite articles, which are enclitic post-positions formed by "this/that/yon".


My Russian keeps interfering. This time I put кошка, and it corrected it to кішка. Synonyms abound!


i am wondering about the difference between "there is a cat" and "the cat is there"...?


там кіт vs кіт - там


ah. thank you!


I left out the comma and the period and was counted wrong. I thought punctuation wasn't counted.


I always omit punctuation marks at the end of sentences, Duo doesn't mind even if it's a question mark. Maybe it's different for commas.


I was also told my answer had several typos, of which I only omitted the " . " at the end of my sentence, maybe it's just on this question that this happens,


I still can't find the switch for Ukrainian characters. Therefore I have spelling mistakes and the system throws me back on the same two questions, a trap I can't get out of.


What's wrong with 'кіт є там'?


The verb "to be" ("є") is not used in Present tense or replaced the symbol "-". "Кіт там" or "Кіт - там". Although it's right too.


I only have an English keyboard. No matter how I type it, I am incorrect without a Ukrainian keyboard.

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