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  5. "- Thanks. - You are welcome."

"- Thanks. - You are welcome."

Translation:- Дякую. - Будь ласка.

May 21, 2015



I thought Прошу could be used interchangeably with Будь ласка in this case. Is it not true?


Correct. Прошу is there as an alternative..


Ok. I just can't figure out how to get to that question again to submit a report. I wrote Прошу and it was marked wrong.


But the other choice was not "Прошу." It was "Так Собі. - Прошу." That is why it was not correct.


I don't know what you are talking about. There were no choices, it was question where you type out the translation. And, "Дякую. - Прошу" is a correct alternative to "Дякую. - Будь ласка."


I apologize if that sounded rude. Above, I had only asked why "Прошу" was not an acceptable alternative to "Будь ласка" in this specific verbal exchange. I had posted a month ago, so the question itself may have been updated or changed by now and I had since learned that будь ласка can be used as "Please" and "You're welcome".


It's all good! gl


No one says, будь ласка when they are saying you're welcome. They say, нема за що (there isn't anything to thank for), and rarely they say прошу. That worries me since I am learning other languages on here at how wrong they are at some basic things.


It's not just Duolingo, most English > Ukrainian things I've seen use that translation. From various different books, websites and apps, this is the first time I've seen "you're welcome" = "нема за що". It might be used most often, but it doesn't seem to be the standard translation (although I suspect it's more like "it's nothing"/"don't mention it").


Моя правильна


Немає за що

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