"Моя кішка і мій кіт"

Translation:My female cat and my male cat

May 21, 2015

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tomcat - a male domestic cat. That's the defined discription to make a difference between the genders of domestic cats. Also, you can translate it as my cat and my tomcat


this doesn't seem common to me, can 'my cat and my cat' be an English alternative? if the meaning is implied in Ukrainian, does the translation need to include it? I would assume it's more common to ask names and gender rather than imply it every time. is this common where Ukrainian is spoken?


Remember these are translation exercises. Your understanding of the language is being tested more than your ability to work out natural sounding English counterparts. (I.e. translation versus interpretation.)

In the wild, I might simply interpret it as "my cats." English doesn't go through as much trouble to point out gender as most other languages, so a more natural interpretation would strip that meaning. However, if there was a reason the speaker specified that one cat was male and one was female, I might very well have to preserve the distinction and say "my female cat and male cat." (The two "my"s would be unnecessarily redundant for English.)

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