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  5. "You are not there."

"You are not there."

Translation:Ти не там.

May 21, 2015



Ви не там was marked incorrect. Is it?


It is there as an alternative. Marked it as another correct.


Yes, It was. Because there were two correct sentences. #Alf42


Damn right I'm not.


Ви and ти are the same? Are they pronounced differently?


No, these words have different meanings.

"Ви" (it starts from the big letter) - it's like "you", but if you don't know this person or he\she is much older than you (formal, polite form).

"ти" - used for friend or a person who you have been known for a long time. Or you're just talking to a kid ("You're much older" rule).

"ви" - (it starts from the small letter) - it means "you" in plural form (more than one person). For example: You are cool guys.

P.S. "Ви" and "ви". Their pronunciation is the same but not the same as "ти".


I am new at this. I have some friends who are missionaries and speak the language and I would like to learn also. On this particular statement, "You are not there", I kept translating it here instead of there. Did anyone else have this problem when they first started? Also do you have to have a program to translate the letters?


I think your best solution for the alphabet is just to memorize it. You will need it to truly communicate in the language.

As for your other question, там means "there" (or "over there" in some cases) and тут means "here."


Go to 'Google Playstore', type in 'Ukrainian font for android' (or 'iphone' or whatever phone you use), and choose the correct app for your phone. There are many. Good luck. It's easy.


I want spoken words, I don't need to learn how to read and write.How can I find this?


Yes, I agree Perry. Please report that you would like audio in DL lessons. The more people report, hopefully the quicker we'll get a positive result. (I do not know why some DL lessons have audio and others do not... Inconsistency is frustrating indeed.)


So ні for No and не for Not, It is not, right?

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