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  5. "Так, тато там."

"Так, тато там."

Translation:Yes, dad is there.

May 21, 2015


[deactivated user]

    "dad's there" is also good I think.


    Так. I reported it.


    I know many people (including myself from time to time) who use "daddy" as the intimate form of father. Couldn't тато also be translated "daddy"?


    Daddy is more a cuddly term of endearment, as opposed to dad or father which is more formal in English. I just googled whether or not Ukrainian has an informal word for dad and i couldn't see any results. I guess context would be key in choosing which one to use (if there is a slang term for father) though it's probably best (like any language) to stick with the highest levels of grammar and formality until you get a good grasp on a language.


    Why "yes, dad there" isn't a correct sentence? I really have no idea where is verb in this sentence. I'm native polish speaker and this sentence will mean the same in polish so I guessed that i'm right


    In English, the "to be" verb is necessary when expressing location (called in linguistics a "copular" verb). I know that in the Slavic languages, the "to be" is often dropped in the present tense, but it is a necessary part of an English sentence. You would need to say "Yes, dad is there" or "Yes, dad's there".


    Yes,dad is there should be right one.


    It says to type in Ukrainian, yet I don't have a Cyrillic keyboard!


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    Why is "Yes, there is dad" wrong?

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