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  5. "Мати і тітка."

"Мати і тітка."

Translation:Mother and aunt.

May 21, 2015



So мати is mother, and мама is mum, mom, mummy (or any other less formal term for mother)?


We have even more words to talk about our moms.

  • Mother = мати, матір - the most formal way
  • Mom = мама, ненька - the latter is less common, however often used to speak about our Motherland "Україна-ненька"
  • Mommy = матуся, матінка, мамця, неня - the least formal


Is тітка a diminutive or not?


OK, thanks, I'm just asking because in czech it sounds as one.


Тітонька will be diminutive in Ukrainian.


Also тіточка, but the one written by SergioRuido is just so much more gentle and loving somehow ^^ At least for me. Like, I would call a woman on the street та тіточка or та тітка, but "тітонька" is quite warm :)


Навряд чи в укр.м. є суфікс -очк. Радше -оньк ;)


Is 'Тітка' sounds as 'chitka'


No. It sounds as 'titka'


every time the recording says the word aunt it says it differently so I have no idea how to pronounce it, is it a k is it a dz like in Polish?


Using the IPA, it is ['ti:t.kα]. It's possible the T is dental (as in, the tip of your tongue goes to the tip of the teeth to say the sound, or aspirated (like how "t" in English singing is a "ts" sound). The K is probably also unaspirated, meaning it doesn't sound quite the same as our English "K."


Мати іs pronounced like "Mate" or 'Mati" ? Because the speaker here pronounced it like "Mate".


Lik the 'i' where you use to say b*tch


Thank you (you could at least use the word "ink" instead of the bad word"b**ch", because it has the same "i" sound)


Does anybody know how to get the Ukrainian alphabet onto an Android device keyboard. I have a Galaxy A5 (2017) and I cannot get most of the letters for the Ukrainian alphabet with this phone. I have tried going into my settings to find the language section. Once I found the language section, I was able to get many languages but, NOT Ukrainian. Is there anything that I can download from a website? Any suggestions at all are appreciated.


you can download from Google Play

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