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Ukrainian Course Has no Sound...

I was excited to start Ukrainian when all of the sudden, there was no sound. I have flash player on and it is allowed to be used on Duolingo.com . I have speaker on. My headphones are working. Please help, I want to learn.

EDIT: I just realized that is only for the words

May 21, 2015



It works for me.

But note that this course is not using a TTS but a real human voice, hence it may be the case that some sentences don’t have any recording.


All sentences have been recorded.


It is everything. It pops up a message telling me to enable flash even though it is enabled.


Can it be something with your sound card, or the settings, or the browser thing?


I’m having this message once in a while in the Portuguese course, but sound works nevertheless. As others have said, there doesn’t seem to be any sound for individual words, so make sure you are reaching an exercice where there is an Ukrainian sentence.


(and there are some sentences in the first skill where the sound is missing, but it seems that people are reporting them)


I had the same problem at the beginning, but that was only when it showed us the picture and told us to join it with the word at the top. Now it has sound for me.


I'm guessing it could be the picture exercises only. We were recording sentences, not separate words. Im not sure how it works with the picture tasks, but maybe this type of exercise just does not go with a separate audio. I will ask the dev. team and update you here.


Not only pictures. There are several sentences without sound. I did not pay attention to it because I understand that it is human voice and considered this to be a reason...


Did you have this issue right from the start? Not a sound?


Right from the start.


first few sentences...

[deactivated user]

    Yes, I had this same problem too, It's strange, because I thought they were planning on having TTS.


    All works for me. Keep going and see how it is.


    Report the sentences without sound please.


    It's everything. I think it is just a glitch with my browser maybe. I am using Safari, I think it might have happened once before, but not for as long as this.


    For me that would be all of them. Do you really want me to do that?


    For me some of the things have no sound, like when you chose pictures and for a few phrases. I guess I assumed it was a feature of the Ukrainian course, rather than a bug.


    Just keep going. Some exercises do not require sound.


    Strange, it works for me.


    I have yet to have this issue. I could hear all of the words. Try and see if it works on a different browser. i am using Google Chrome and it works just fine.


    Everything is working great for me. I just had maybe two or three sentences with no sound.

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