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"How long do we have to sit here?"

Translation:Hvor lenge må vi sitte her?

May 21, 2015



How come it's just hvor, instead of hvordan? Sorry if it's a silly question. I'm basically going through just duolingo


"How" translates to...

  • Hvor when referring to the degree or amount of something.
  • Hvordan when referring to the manner in which something is done.


This is NOT correct. The correct norwegian translation is "Hvor lenge må vi sitte her". "Hvor lang må vi sitte her" makes no sense. Please fix.


Fixed! Thank you.


Thank you for fast fix. Feel free to add me as a contributor if you wish (Native speaker). I'll happily contribute a bit as i am working on teaching my Mexican-American girlfriend Norwegian. I've spotted a good amount of small errors here and there that can easilly be fixed.


Please report them through the system!

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