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  5. "Tá an ceapaire roimhe."

" an ceapaire roimhe."

Translation:The sandwich is in front of him.

May 21, 2015



Like, sitting on a plate in front of him before him, or like standing in line and the sandwich is first? Previous lessons suggested that riomh was related to time (ie: i eat before the boy)


It can be both and relate to time. It can't be a conjunction though.


Go raibh maith agat!


I put 'the sandwich is before him', meaning in front of him, but it's marked wrong, isn't that a bit pedantic?? We do say 'we place a meal before someone'.


Accepted 13.06.2020


Couldn't this also mean "the sandwich is in front of it"?

I tested it out and it was marked incorrect.


I put the correct answer in and it says I am wrong


I reported "he has a sandwich before him". Do not see how this is wrong (even if slightly poetical)


Aside from the fact that the subject of the sentence is an ceapaire ("the sandwich", not "a sandwich"), the verb is , and dosn't mean "has".


I take this to mean approximately, "He's got a sandwich."


roimh doesn't indicate possession - you might make a case for "he's got a sandwich in front of him", but just as "there's a hole in the ground in front of him" doesn't imply that he owns the hole in the ground, "there is a sandwich in front of him" doesn't imply that the sandwich is in his possession (though in most cases if someone puts food in front of you, there is an implied permission to eat it).


There is a sandwich in front of him surely is also correct?


an ceapaire means "the sandwich".

Tá an ceapaire roimhe - "The sandwich is in front of him"
Tá ceapaire roimhe - "There is a sandwich in front of him"
(you could say "A sandwich is in front of him", but "There is a sandwich in front of him" is how English normally expresses this).


I don't see how this sentence is talking about "him" ?


roimhe is a "prepositional pronoun", a combination of the preposition roimh and the pronoun é.

romham - "before me"/"in front of me"
romhat - "before you"/"in front of you"
roimhe - "before him"/"in front of him"
roimpi - "before her"/"in front of her"
romhainn - "before us"/"in front of us"
romhaibh - "before you (plural)"/"in front of you (plural)"
rompu - "before them"/"in front of them"

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