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Ukrainian Letter Missing?

Hello, Ukrainian Team. I was finishing up the Letters skills/lessons, and I noticed you don't teach the ґ letter. Is this because it is very uncommon? Thank you in advance!

May 21, 2015



Yes, it was intentionally. Very few Ukrainian words have it. In foreign words (like names) it corresponds to G, so we'd spell Chicago - Чікаґо. Although even this rule is not observed sometimes. A person could write and say Чікаго (Chicaho). Some say блоґ, some prefer блог.

As for typically Ukrainian words with it - common are ґава (crow) ґудзик (button, on a shirt) ґанок (porch)


I would like to add аґрус (gooseberry) to your list, because I like this berry very much :).


In tips and notes of lesson Phrases they wrote "These are all 33 letters of Ukrainian alphabet in order. We did not cover letter Ґ, because words with this letter are rare." :)


Oh thank you, I didn't have a chance to get to Phrases yet, but thank you anyways!


After reading this discussion, I noticed that the list of 33 letters in the notes actually only has 32 letters because it is missing Ґ.

Didn't know where to report this, but this seems an on-topic enough discussion...

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