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Duolingo just went nuts on me

I had to use google translate to get to file this request/complaint. So I load up Duolingo on my mobile, and it abruptly takes me to a page with all different languages. I press "back" and it somehow decides to delete my previous language trees and reset my account to study English as a Dutch (?) speaker. I go onto my desktop, and sure enough, it doesn't even show an English interface any more. All my languages appear gone. I don't even know how to switch the language back, the entire interface is in Dutch. Wtf?

May 21, 2015

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To everyone asking how I got my account back: I went to the desktop version (the website) and eyeballed my way to the languages selection menu, and selected "Learn Spanish from English" (which was my main language, but I suppose you can just select the main language you were learning & learning from). That brought back the English interface and the from-English language tree. Then I went and deleted the Dutch language (from the settings). (Duolingo support, you can show up at any time now since this is ridiculous).


Thank you so much for this! The exact same thing happened to me and I freaked out for a little there :P


Never mind, I found the problem (and it's very, very stupid). I added the Norwegian course on my desktop. The Duolingo mobile app got confused, since Norwegian is desktop-only for now, and hence said I have an "unauthorized language" or something like that, and for some reason reset to "Learning English from Dutch". Took me a while to get my account back as it was, and the problem still happens if I try to use the mobile app. This is stupid and should be fixed.


Can you explain how you got your account back to the way it was?


Did you manage to get this to work? I would like to be able to use the mobile app.


with the mobile app, you can go to the language menu on the left, click add an course (+ sign) and then switch


Just happened to me, too. Why is there no official response from duolingo on this?


I'm having the exact same problem! ! How did you get your account back to what it was?


I have the exact same problem! Could you please post up instructions so I can get everything back into English and see all of my past progress? Thanks!


At the top of the page, mouse-over the language you're incorrectly "learning" (which is probably English). Then click on the bottom selection, which is supposed to be "Add a new course". See this image for context: http://i.imgur.com/eH7D8dY.png (Since I've since changed my settings, I can't do much in the way of screenshots for you, unfortunately.)

When you get there, choose what language you speak from the pull-down menu at the top right ("Engels"), then choose what language you want to learn. For me, this was Spanish ("Spaans", I believe, but you should be able to recognize it from the graphic).


thank you very much ,i had the same problem


The same thing happened to me! I'm so frustrated!


Same thing here!


Thank you for describing the solution. It bummed me out for a few days.

I think the problem was when Duolingo introduced Esperanto on the website, but not on the app. The app then went bonkers and said that "This language is not supported" or whatever. Then, this stuff happened.


Same thing just happened to me! Except I can't get an English interface back.


They really should fix this. I don't want to break my streak.


And I can't even find a forum interface in anything but Dutch.


I was able to fix mine using the instructions above, after rebooting my desktop. It didn't work until I had restarted my machine. But it was frustrating. And I haven't even dared using my phone or Kindle apps since.


I found that as long as I, on my laptop and the website, exit whatever language I am looking at that is in Beta, then I have no issues with the app. So, I can only use Ukrainian on the website and make sure to click back to Spanish or German before I use the kindle app.

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