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Is it possible to add more than a language?

I'm Italian, I speak English and I'm studying German and French. Now I'm learning just French on Duolingo, I tried English (learn English from Italian), but when I changed again to French (learn French from English) the English section disappeared. My question is: am I supposed to learn more than one language just from English? I'm afraid of changing language because I don't want to lose my French progresses. Also, I hope that when other languages will be available, I will be able to continue studying from Italian language without losing anything. Thank you in advance

September 26, 2013



It should be fine, if you click the flag in the top corner then click on more all of your language options should show up


Nope, I (think I can) add just more languages from English, but I wanted also to practice English from Italian, and it doesn't figure there :(


Choose the flag (between then name 'duolingo' and Home. Choose 'more'. Choose your language from the top down menu, English from Italian is on the bottom.

Later, for going back for learning French from English: Choose the flag (between then name 'duolingo' and Home. Choose 'more'. and select French from English.

You van learn the five languages from English. But you can only see these languages when your basic language is English.

When you change your basic languages to Italian, you can see only 'English from Italian', because there is only language you can learn from Italian.

When you want to see the other languages, you have to change your basic language to English.


Thank you, so I won't lose anything? (points, achievements, ...)


No, you don't lose anything. Go for it. :-)

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