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"Salt is here and honey is there."

Translation:Сіль тут, а мед там.

May 21, 2015



I don't get it...what is the difference between the та, а, і, й if they are all mean and?


I heard that some are used more than others due to vowels prior I think. а is normally used when contrasting and і is normally used when comparing.


I also don't understand when to use та, а, і, and й if they are all mean and? Is "а" the only correct choice, and why?


So let me get this clear: there is a huge difference between "i" and "и" ?


yup, "i" sounds like "ee" in "meet" and "feel" "и" is basically a Russian "ы" and I can't really explain nor transcribe it because there is no such thing in English, but you can watch this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB61Fi1LluY hopefully this helps


"ale" means "but", not "and"


So answer Ermine's question: when do you use ta, a, or i.


I can't move past this level because I can't get the keyboard to switch to Ukrainian :(


Is there any way you can enter the word for "salt" on and English keyboard? It won't accept Sal'. There's no transliteration for Ь .


Are you trying to enter Ukrainian words using an English keyboard? I'd be surprised if it works at all. Besides, the word is силь (sil').


Thanks. It works fine because there are transliterations for every letter which gives me an idea of what they sound like. It just doesn't accept ' for the b symbol.


I understand using "а" or "та" when a word ends or begins with an i-sound. But neither тут nor мед do. So why is "а" the only accepted word for "and"? Why can't I use "і"?


"а" and "і" have a different meaning in Ukrainian, even though both translate to "and" in English. "i" is used to just connect words, "a" is used for juxtaposition/contrast/comparison. Like in this sentence we have "here" and "there". You can say "сіль тут і мед тут", but it should be "сіль тут, а мед там"


Ahh, ok. That'll take some getting used to, дякую!

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