"En elg"

Translation:A moose

May 21, 2015



The hints for this section claim elk and elg are false friends. I think it would be useful to clarify that this only true for North American English, where elk only designates what is otherwise known as a wapiti. (I am happy to see that in spite of the hints, elk is accepted throughout.)


"An elk" should be accepted as the correct answer instead of "a elk"


So how does one distinguish verbally between these? Elg with fat/flat antlers (moose) and elg with skiny antlers (elk)? Thanks for above re: waipiti. 23Aug15


What is the Moose


Did you mean what is "the moose" or literally what is a moose? "The moose" would be "elgen" and a moose is a large animal with big antlers (like horns) that lives in northern North America and Eurasia.

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