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  5. "Liker du jordbær?"

"Liker du jordbær?"

Translation:Do you like strawberries?

May 22, 2015



Should "Do you like strawberry?" be correct here? As in the flavour.


In Norwegian the question is about liking strawberries in general, if you ask about one specific strawberry the question would be: 'Do you like the strawberry?' The same in Norwegian: 'Liker du jordbæret'. Learn the noun like this: et jordbær, jordbæret, flere jordbær, jordbærene (a-one stawberry, the strawberry, strawberries, the strawberries.


I get that, but strawberry is also a flavour. A: "I'd like an ice cream!" B: "Which flavour?" A: "You choose." B: "Do you like strawberry?"


In Norway we would usually say "jordbærsmak". To use the noun itself for the taste is not as common as in English, although it can be if the setting is clear.


Colloquially, yes :) But the exercise primarily want to help you learn definite/indefinite and singular/plural, so the flavour implication complicates it a bit...


So like, "Liker du jordbaer iskrem?" (If that is right...)


We would normally say "Liker du jordbæris?" In that case.


Why wouldn't strawberries here be "jordbærer"?


Because jordbær is a grammatically neuter noun (et jordbær), and in most cases those do not take the -er suffix in indefinite plural form.

So it's just:

et jordbær = A strawberry

jordbær = strawberrIES

jordbæret = THE strawberry

jordbærene (or, jordbæra) = THE strawberrIES


What I learned is that you don't add the -er suffix to monosyllabic neuter words and compound words with such a word at the end. Jordbær is a compound word (jord=soil, bær=berry), and bær is monosyllabic and neuter, so the plural is jordbær. The same goes for (post)kort ((post)card) or (råd)hus (town hall/house), but et hjørne (corner) -> hjørner and et menneske (man) -> mennesker, since they are not monosyllabic.


What about "salt" and "salter"?


This one is a bit special. The word "salter" is almost exclusively used in chemistry, when you are talking about different types of salt. In general, the word "salt" is a mass noun and doesn't have a plural form.


I could eat tons of them


Jeg ELSKER jordbær!!

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