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How to cheat in Norwegian...

... learn some Danish and Swedish first!

Purely thanks to the Danish and Swedish I'd already learned, I've just managed to propel myself to level 8 in Norwegian on the initial placement test!

Have any of you had a similar experience?

(By the way... congratulations and mange takk to the course creators!)

May 22, 2015



That is impressive! I am a Norwegian native, and I only got to level 10.


I already had some Norwegian under my belt, so I've been upskilling my Swedish for the last few months, but now I find I speak a lovely brand of SWEDWEGIAN! O.o


Someone else just recently introduced me to the word "Svorska," a slightly more elegant version of "Swedwegian" :-P


My svorska is at least as good as my Norglish these days ;p


It is a popular saying in Sweden "Svengelska."


I think Svorska is Swedish. In Norwegian I believe it is Svorsk :)


It's the different intonation I find so hard to master, which is why I'm delaying adding Swedish on Duo for the moment. I can read all three pretty easily, but writing or, particularly, speaking them is a whole other ballgame!


Don't forget Dutch! It's amazing how helpful being familiar with Dutch has been for me while learning dansk, svenska (especially) and norsk. ^_^


And Deutsch helps quite a lot as well!


When I was going to German classes over the last 18 months I felt I had an almost unfair advantage when it came to learning the vocabulary - so many similarities with Norwegian!


What you describe is my experience of failing the placement test after completing the Swedish tree: I probably reached fairly high-level questions, but didn't pass in any individual skills due to all the small differences.

It's probably the easier topics that you're more likely to fail actually, because I'd guess that the more important, common words are more likely to differ. Like, you're not going to guess what 'spiser', 'gutt', 'unnskyld', 'jenta', and 'snakker', are from Swedish. Maybe from Danish.

I would guess that knowledge of Swedish might help you a bit more once you get basic Norwegian skills sorted out, if you wanted to test out?


^ yes, this. I imagine it's very similar to my experience with Ukrainian as a (non native, rusty but once fluent) speaker of Russian. The placement test wasn't working, so I didn't get a chance to test out, but while there's very little that's identical, there's loads that makes sense to me because of Russian, and where a little looking through the notes and vocab means I can test out of an entire lesson without much difficulty.

I am vaguely tempted, now the placement test is working, to create a different profile and see how much I test out of with Russian + 48 hours of Ukrainian.


Congrats! Now I'm curious about how I would have done with the placement test, but I decided not to test out of anything. At least I'm enjoying every moment and every sentence, and Swedish and Danish definitely help. :D


That's lovely to hear :D


Truly a pleasure! Thanks for all of your hard work!


Same here! I'm burning through Norwegian pretty quickly but I'm enjoying discovering all the subtle differences between the three.


Came by to say this. Found that you beat me to it. These subtle differences are what makes each Scandinavian language so fascinating!


I haven't studied either Swedish or Danish before (aside from learning a few important words and phrases for a trip to Sweden many years ago, pre-Internet), but I do have another story:

A college friend married a Danish girl and moved to Denmark not long after graduation. I remember thinking at the time that Danish must be an extremely difficult language to learn (I think mainly because I didn't know the first thing about Scandinavian languages at the time).

Fast-forward to last year, when I started studying Norwegian here on Duolingo in preparation for a vacation there. I have been back in touch with my Danish-American friend on social media for about five years now. But since studying Norwegian for the last eight months, I now find that not only can I read most of his Danish posts - which previously looked like mostly gibberish to me - but we can also have conversations about simple topics, he writing in Danish and I in Norwegian, because the two are so similar. (Of course, we could always just converse in our native English, but where's the fun in that? ;-) )

Also, it's a testament to how well-made the Norwegian Duolingo course is that I've decided to continue with it, even after our three-week trip to Norway has come and gone. Not only is it probably the best setup of all the languages I have studied here in terms of the way the course is set up, but the music, film, and pop culture references make it so much fun to study as well. And then there are the dedicated and helpful moderators. If only every course on Duolingo could be set up this well! :-)


After learning some Danish I got out of the first few skills in the Swedish tree. I just took the Norwegian Placement test and didn't test out of any skills, but I did get some of the questions right.


Thanks for your replies. I should add that I very much doubt that level 8 is a true reflection of my competence in Norwegian!

I'm looking forward to the strength bars fading in the 25 skills I tested out of, so I can go back and learn them properly.


Also good to learn Icelandic (somewhere else, since it isn't available on DL).


I probably would've had a similar experience, but I decided to run through without the placement test, for various reasons.


I decided to start with basics 1, but I did skip past a couple skills.


Yeah I past the first check point within a few hours


I didn't manage to test out of anything, but still, I did get a few questions right in the placement test. Considering I've only dabbled a tiny bit in Swedish and Danish, that pleased me greatly!


I didn't take a placement test, but within 36 hours of starting, I have finished the first branch of the tree and am up to level 7.


I have a strong:''this stuff is sooo similar to swedish'' feel. xD


I only made it to level 7 based on my knowledge of Scandinavian, with the main issue being I don't know how to spell Norwegian. However I will probably reset my progress and go back and learn things properly :)


I've not taken the placement test, but the work done on Swedish seems have laid a good foundation for Norwegian.


I think probably that would work whichever of the three you learned first.

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Hi, same here, danish (and swedish but mostly danish) helped me a looot to progress in norwegian. I do all lessons through the "test" to skip levels so far. it's getting harder now (I'm after checkpoint five, halfway to checkpoint6) but understanding is mostly ok. Very satisfying lol and i loooove how norwegian sounds (I started with Danish because, oddly (?), i LOVE how danish sounds).

Hope to have some stories in scandinavian languages soon <3

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