Audio trouble?

Some of my questions in Definites aren't playing audio. Not sure if it's a problem with Duo, or with my computer. I know all y'all racers have gotten past that unit by now; did any of you have that problem?

May 22, 2015


We've disabled the audio for some sentences, notably those containing versions of the words 'juice' or 'avis'. I don't see either of those in the Definites skill though, so it's probably a technical/site issue.

Edit: Looking at the reports, this seems to be happening for a lot of people on the sentences using the word 'ølen'. I know these sentences were changed last night, so I'm going to assume there is some kind of delay with adding the audio.

Oh good, it's not just me. I was worried I was losing my mind :-P 'twas indeed a pair of sentences with ølen, so that's almost certainly the same problem. Takk!

Our audio has a drinking problem. :<

No, the audio has worked fine for me. Flash has crashed several times today, but a page refresh usually fixes that.

Okay, so probably my computer disagreeing with Duo's programming. It happens. Takk

Well, these things are only happening with the Norwegian course for me, so it's probably just the "newness" of it. Vær så god.

yep den comes out as uh!

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