"Det er en restaurant."

Translation:It's a restaurant.

May 22, 2015

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"Restaurant" sounds like it is pronounced with a g at the end, sort of like Swedish restaurang?


Yep, much like the Swedish pronunciation, that's correct! :)


Why can't I use 'this' as a translation of 'det'?


Because "dette" means "this" while "det" means "that".


What is the difference between that and it?


I think it's just from context and sometimes the way it's used in the sentence.


Also works as "there" i think?


In "restaurant" the final "ant" sounds like "ong", while in "elefant" the final "ant" clearly has a "t" sound ("ont"), while in most words it seems the final consonant is silent. Is there any rule? Or does it just vary word to word? (I'm not complaining; so far Norwegian is far more "regular" than English!)


This is one of very very few words in Norwegian where "ant" comes out with an 'ng' ending. I think it comes via the other Scandinavian languages, as restaurant in Swedish is "rästorang" and pronounced basically the same as Norwegian pronunciation.

Seems like Norway just borrowed the spelling from one language and the pronunciation from another here!


Pretty helpful! Tak!


I'm typing in Norwegian, but it keeps telling me i typed in English and wont let me get past it. Ive tried like 5 times and still says I'm typing in English! I had to type something completely wrong just to get the option to come here to comment. Please fix this... this is the 2nd incident like this. Ugh! So frustrating!!


Is "Det" pronounced like "Dei"?


I'm still a bit confused on when to use 'den' versus 'det'. I remember seeing somewhere that 'den' is used when the noun is gendered (as opposed to neuter). Is it different if 'it' is the subject?


I'm confused .. i've see restaurant spelt in Norwegian as 'restaurant' and then 'restauranten' ... what's the difference?


It doesn't sound like you've taken this course from the beginning?

restaurant = restaurant

en restaurant = a restaurant

restauranten = the restaurant

Adding en to the end of a [gendered] noun is the equivalent of adding the definite article "the".


I keep confusing Det with they its so confusing.


Especially if it's just an audio exercise! What helps me is the rest of the sentence. "There/it is a restaurant" makes sense, while "they are a restaurant" doesnt really make sense. And in that way i can guess when the audio isnt clear to me.


There is no continue button! I'm going to be forced to close my lesson losing all the data and I am almost done with this lesson


I typed in the correct answer and it told me I was wrong, ❤❤❤.


Come on Fix it please. I loose all my points because it says that i wrote the answer in English THAT IS NOT TRUE I wrote in norwegian. It happened regularly. You have no idea how many points i am loosing trying to skip that bug. Very boring and frustrating.


Could you please tell me why some answers are not accepted in Norwegian when I am asked to answer in Norwegian I loose all my hearts there. Very frustrating.Will stop to use Duolingo if that problem still goes on.


I recommend you to use the web version, that never happens here

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