"We are eating a meal."

Translation:Vi spiser et måltid.

May 22, 2015

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How do you tell the gender of a word? I am very confused.


Most of them you need to memorize word-by-word (there's no pattern). Most nouns use "en", however.


Ok great! Thanks so much for the information :)


This is annoying: in Swedish, måltid has the opposite gender. I'm hoping this isn't a very common occurrence.


Why "et" not "en"? I know its because of the gender and stuff, but how I know something is genderless or not? I always make the gender mistakes with things that dont have a real gender, but norwegian gives genders to genderless things! sick!


Many languages do. It is hard sometimes to remember them all but someone said earlier that Norsk is not so bad since most things can use the neutral even if there is a gender. Spanish was very difficult for me since everything had a very specific gender with no neutral, but once you get used to it even that became just kind of natural.


Try italian, it's worse.


I don't think that's true. Norwegian nouns all have a specific gender, even if that is 'neuter'. You can't use the neuter form for non-neuter nouns. The only leeway is to use the masculine form for feminine nouns, which seems to be more or less uniformly acceptable.


Very interresting


Doesn't måltid mean mealtime?


Yes, but you can also eat one.


Er det verkligen En tid Men Et måltid "a meal" Og En mat "a food" in the picture example ?


Is there any way of knowing whether it's 'we are eating' or 'we eat'?


No. There is no difference in the Norwegian. The 'correct' translation largely depends on context and what sounds better.

So, for example, 'we are eating' is better if the context is 'we are eating a meal right now', but 'we eat' is better if the context is 'we eat a meal every day at 6 o'clock'.

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