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"Det ligger flere gårder langs veien."

Translation:There are several farms along the road.

May 22, 2015



Is there any difference from Det ligger and det finnes or det er ? thanks


"It/That/There lies", "There exists", "It/That/There is".


For geographical objects and infrastructure "det ligger" is used, which means "located"


Several lessons ago bondegård was introduced as farm and now it's "just" gård, is there a difference between the two? With bonde meaning farmer it seems a bit double (farmerfarm)?!?


bondegård I've heard is a little old fashioned, almost like what your grandparents would use in terms of saying something. gård is very plain, but it has the same meaning, and this is much more common because it's easier to say and write.


Ok got it... thanks for preventing me sounding like some old grandpa hehe ;)


Why not "more farms"?


You are right. Depending on the context the above sentence could indeed mean "there are more farms along the road", so perhaps that should be an accepted answer as well.


I never thought about that...


How do I know where can I use er and where I have to use ligger etc.?


In English, they are all expressed essentially the same way. Ligger places slightly more emphasis on the location of the farm, finnes places more emphasis on the fact that the farm exists, and er is just a little more neutral than the other two, stating only that the farm is there.


If i wanted to say 'there are MORE farms down the road', would you get away with swapping 'flere' with 'mer' or would it actually be more along the lines of 'det finnes flere gårder langs veien'/ 'det finnes mer gårder langs veien'?

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