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  5. "Yes, grandfather is there."

"Yes, grandfather is there."

Translation:Так, дід там.

May 22, 2015



Let me ask a little thing out of topic: Is the comma uncommon in Ukrainian texts? Every single comma, in the UKR keyboard, we need to press the shift key. Isn't this a little unproductive for y'all? Or historical customs just dispense this kind of punctuation?


Comma is pretty common in Ukrainian texts, much more common than in English. Main reason for this unproductive placement that I see is that the keyboard have to contain all the letters so punctuation comfort was sacrificed for that.


Comma is the most common in Ukrainian.


Comma is common. In fact, there are very strict punctuation rules in Ukrainian and you can't omit any of punction marks. So yes, we just push that Shift key. I guess we just get used to that. What's more inconvenient it's that em dash is also one of the common marks in Ukrainian and there's no key for it all (only for hyphen)


I installed the Microsoft enhanced Ukrainian keyboard, so maybe I have that, but I cannot even find the period nor comma. I wouldn't mind pressing shift to get it, but where is it on your keyboard? It is not where it was on the Russian keyboard either. but the Russian keyboard doesn't have all the letters I needed for Ukrainian.


Period and comma should be exacly where they are in Russian: on the ?/ key. Try going with the non-enhanced version


Yes, that is better with the non-enhanced version for now and the я is now in the same place as on the Russian keyboard, the enhanced keyboard had moved it one to the right of the farthest left on the bottom row. Tell me is the (right ALT) + U key the one you are looking for? I don't know their names. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/msdn/goglobal/keyboards/kbdur1.html (This is what the enhanced keyboard looked like.)


Honestly, this sounds like a sentence one would use to lure someone into a horrible lair or something


How do i make the letters which I do not have on my computer and use them to solve the question?


How can you type it ukrainian, i don't have the alphabet on my phone.


Do not have the facility to type in Ukraine letters


How do I change my English language, windows, keyboard to Ukranian?


Can only type AIA or AiA


How do I write Ukrainian on Duolingo?

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