"Boken til mannen"

Translation:The man's book

May 22, 2015



So is it just a regional difference between "Mannens bok" and "Boken til mannen" like the whole 2/3 genders thing?


You can say either or. I do not believe it's regional.


Personally I think I say 'mannens bok' more often. 'Boken til mannen' doesn't sound right. Maybe you want to stress the word boken so you put it in the beginning of the sentence.


A Norwegian friend of mine told me that the former sounds a little bit more conservative.


Would it also be correct when using a proper noun at the end of the sentence? With this sentence, for example, would it still be correct to say "Boken til Åse," if you were attempting to say "Åse's book,"?


Why isn't "the book for the man" acceptable?


It could be, depending on the situation. If you work in a library and you find the book a customer asked for, you could say to your colleague: Here is the book for the man. In Norwegian you would say: Her er boken til mannen. Report it!


Can it also be used in a situation where the book is like a gift for the man ?


I would rather say in that case-- Boken for mannen If I'm wrong, be freely to correct me (*anyone)


Why can boka not be used?


And if instead of boken you use mat? It would be a. The man's food or b. Food for the man?


Both, providing B is "The food"


it doesn't give me that. in the dictionary, it kind of says its possessive but it should be more specific because I'm tired of it correcting to "book of the man" when that wasn't an option in the first place.

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