"You are women."

Translation:Dere er kvinner.

May 22, 2015

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what is the difference between dere er and du er


Look at the noun. Women is plural, therefore "dere" is correct. "du" would be correct if it was woman (singular).


"Dere" is for more than one person.


Many English majors like to ignore the fact that English is missing a Second Person Plural, and many times say that the difference should be easily discernable. However, this not always the case. Sticking to one word for both a Singular and a Plural Second Person form can make certain statements vague. The phrase "dere er" is the closest equivalent to the phrase "You all are" and "Y'all are".


Is there a way to practice pronunciation a way that the system checks if you do it correctly or not ?


I think there is a way to get your mic to work? im trying to do that as well

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    Yes, there is. If you're using Chrome, you need to click the lock icon left of "https://duolingo.com". From the drop-down menu, choose Site Settings. Under Permissions/Microphone, select Allow from the drop-down menu. Reload the page, check that your microphone (headset mic or one integrated with headphones) is connected, that you have all the necessary drivers installed (if needed) and make sure it's enabled in your operating system sound settings so you don't end up speaking into a void. You need to have the Speaker enabled in Duolingo settings as well. Then, you just have to wait for a speaking exercise to appear.

    Other alternative solutions for pronunciation help are:

    • befriend a Norwegian
    • record yourself saying the word (use Forvo to find the word and then compare the two)
    • pay someone to teach you Norwegian
    • join this Discord server


    the sound of Dere is like dela? is it my ears or it does really sound like that?

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      Correct IPA pronunciation is /deːɾə/.

      Click here to familiarise yourself with IPA symbols and sounds. Follow this link to hear a native speaker pronouncing the word on Forvo.


      Bokmål - Dere er kvinner.
      Nynorsk - De/Dokker er kvinner.


      Sometimes language nuance can be super hard to get around but it is what it is. Looks like these comments are filled with folk like me who are like "bah! You got me!" But these comments are super helpful and norsk is what it is! (Pretty awesome). Thanks everyone for chipping in here and helping me understand why I get these types of translations wrong :) tusen takk <3


      Just from these comments I have a few takeaways. So it would be 'dere er menn' instead of du er menn? If thats correct then you've helped me loads.


      Yes, you are correct. Singular would be "Du er en mann". Plural is "Dere er menn".

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