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  5. "Is honey there?"

"Is honey there?"

Translation:Мед там?

May 22, 2015



Мед is traceable to the super-ancient Indo-European root *mEdhu, making the word easy to remember for Hindi speakers, because мед is मध/मधु in Hindi.


Excellent point - and the English cognate of these words is "mead", honey-beer.


Just curious when do you use capital letters in Ukrainian?


1) Start of the sentence; 2) Proper names and (or) nouns.

The second point needs to be expanded, because some nouns do not have capital letters despite they are parts of proper names. In general if the noun isn't unique, it doesn't have capital letter. For example, South Africa is translated as Південна Африка (both noun and adjective are capitalized, only one Africa exists), but Black Sea is translated as Чорне море (only adjective is capitalized, while noun is not, there are a lot of seas).

In addition, neither names of days nor months are capitalized; same goes for names of people, either in adjective or noun form: the German and the German people are німці and німецький народ.

Basically that's all I remembered so far, any additions are appreciated.


In tittles, names of books, songs etc. only first letter is capitalized

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