"Can you explain this theory to me?"

Translation:Bu teoriyi bana anlatır mısın?

May 22, 2015



Would you ever say: Bu teoriyi bana anlatabilir misin? I am wondering about the "can" in the English version of the question.

May 22, 2015


yes, you can say it and it would be more polite

May 23, 2015


Perhaps I'm being overly nitpicky about semantics, but there is a difference when posing questions using "can you"? and "would you"?

"Can you explain this theory to me "? = "Bu teoriyi bana anlatabilir misin"? (Meaning are you able to explain this theory to me).

"Would you explain this theory to me"? = "Bu teoriyi bana anlatır mısın"? (Asking for you to explain the theory).

For the sentence given above, the latter "Would you" is closer to the English translation .

January 28, 2019


abilir mısın ?

November 2, 2016


Could somebody explain why "açıklar misin" is not acceptable in this case?

May 19, 2019


Why can't the order be like this Bana bu teoriyi anlatır misin

June 11, 2019


I'm afraid we no longer get answers to our questions, the main discussion obviously ended about 2 years ago. No admin - no answers :-(

June 19, 2019
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