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  5. "Література - моє хобі."

"Література - моє хобі."

Translation:Literature is my hobby.

May 22, 2015



Indeed it is! Could someone recommend one or two authors who write literature in Ukrainian? I like having at least one novel in each language I'm studying lying around...


Сергій Жадан (Serhiy Zhadan) is a very popular modern author :)


Володимир Виннниченко, «Записки кирпатого Мефістофеля»


Honestly the dash is disturbing. I wrote: "Literature - My hobby" and it was marked wrong. If there wouldnt have been the dash, I would have translated "Literature IS my hobby". But the dash was an absolute separator for me, deviding this sentence.


I feel you the dashes can be very confusing


Is the dash usually used to orthographically separate the subject from the predicate? Or is it just a notation that this course uses?


dash used when the verb is omitted and predicate is expressed with noun. The verb є (be) is implied here: Література (є) моє хобі. If you were to write this sentence with є you wouldn't need the dash, however, it is very unnatural thing to say. The punctuation rules in Ukrainian are very strict.


How to spell in english letters ...literature is my hobby in Ukrainian

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