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"Stolte fugler flyr gjennom vinduer."

Translation:Proud birds fly through windows.

May 22, 2015



They're proud alright.


noen fugler flyr mot vinduer...


How do you post pictures in comments?


By using this markdown code:

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Cool! Thank you :) I was just interested in case i get a nice idea for a comment.


guys, this was the first complicated sentence that i did not have to listen to slowly to catch it, I'm so proooud of myself now <3


Og jeg er stolt av deg lol


Is this a common Norwegian saying or...


No, it's not...


It means we also must use our norwegian out of duolingo!


but we need to build our own phrases! And all these words are useful in Norway : - fugler -flyr -gjennom -vinduer and it's not bad to know "stolt", at least to understand it.


So, we need to pull a few more chomskyan sentences into the courses for a chuckle. Perfectly good way to learn how to construct a sentence, and as long as you aren't memorizing whole sentences to spit out in a conversation, a good sentence for the course.


What do you mean with chomskyan sentences? Is it a sort of theory wherein you use odd sentences to get people deeply familiar with a language and its use, because to translate, people have to really think about what they are translating? Because the odd odd sentence on Duolingo has really helped me understand Norwegian more.


They fly into windows and break their necks. Happened at my house just last week :(


Since the adj. "stolt" is quite similar to the italaian adj. "stolto" (lit. Dumb, foolish; a meaning better fitting in this sentence imo) I considered it to be "proud" in a negative way, like "full of himself".

Is it how it is or could also have a positive meaning of "proud"?


Overweening pride is the fatal flaw in tragedy. Here the idea of a bird flying into a window is like a tragic hero in a drama.


også klønete fugler...


How can birds be proud?


People thinking about a bird flying into a window are reminded of the dangers of excessive pride.


By flying through windows


55 years ago I had 2 years of German in high school and one year in college. We spent a lot if time on commonly used phrases. All these years later it's amazing how those phrases come back to me. "Proud birds fly through windows" would not be one of those phrases. One of the few things I dislike about Duolingo.


Am not surprised that this required "through", but wouldn't allow "thru". 2Sep18


Thru is a very casual spelling, and is generally not acceptable except in text speak or ads. I suspect this will change somewhat over the next generation, but for right now, stick with the standard, whether it be British or American.


unnecessarily nonsensical. does not aid learning


Duolingo doesn't teach ready phrases, but how to construct a phrase and various words. All we need to speak by ourselves and not to be just parrots. This is not a platform to learn few survival phrases for a week-end trip. It is organized in order that we become really able to communicate in Norwegian.


The fact that it is nonsensical will often aid your recollection, as will funny, rude, scatalogical associations. The more vibrant the better


Thanks to this sentence I learned gjennom and vinduet.


I find the opposite - the weirder the sentence the better as it means you really have to pay attention to the words and the grammar and not just have a stab at something plausible.


Sometimes what seems nonsensical at first glance really does have an underlying meaning that is of value. Think about a bird looking ahead and because the glass is transparent thinks the way is clear. Now think about people ignoring the consequences of behavior that really is self-destructive.

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