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Speaking practice tip for smartphone users

I had an idea I would like to share with those who want more practice speaking the languages they are learning. Use your phone's own voice recognition.

I use Duolingo on my android phone and always use the swype keyboard that comes installed. A while back I downloaded Italian on to my phone/swype so I could use swype when using duolingo (saving a lot of time especially with accented words). You can easily and quickly switch between two languages with the swype keyboard.

Using google's own voice recognition technology you can dictate the answer for written questions. As long as the dictionary in use is for the correct language just tap the microphone symbol and speak the answer, It converts your speech to text.

I'm only referring to android here because that is what I use but I'm sure other devices will have similar speech to text functions.

You're welcome!

September 26, 2013


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