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  5. "Я хочу пити."

"Я хочу пити."

Translation:I want to drink.

May 22, 2015



If it's like Russian, then "I am thirsty" is also a correct translation?


As other people have pointed out below, "у мене спрага"/"я спраглий" is not used in everyday language. If we want to say we're thirsty, we will say "Я хочу пити". So I guess this should be accepted even though it's not so literal.


Not exactly. 'I want to drink' doesn't imply that 'I am thirsty'. 'I am thirsty' will be better translated as 'У мене (є omitted) спрага'.


Yeah, never said у мене є спрага in my life :) We always just say "Я хочу пити".

In English "I want to drink" does not imply "I am thirsty" because, I think, people don't say "I want to drink"! You can say "I want to drink something" which indeed doesn't imply that you are genuinely thirsty. In Ukrainian that would be "Я хочу чогось випити" which does not imply "Я хочу пити"


In English "I want to drink." is often said by recovering alcoholics who will always want to drink (alcohol) but must fight the impulse.


True! In Ukrainian Я хочу пити still only means I am thirsty. An alcohol connotation appears when you say Я хочу випити :)


I believe Jake is correct. Even though word-for-word translation is 'I want to drink' , in English-speaking world 'I am thirsty' is much more prevalent and widely used in my experience. Also Ukrainians don't really say 'у мене спрага' (I have thirst) or 'я спраглий' (I am thirsty) all that often in everyday language.


RainbowVomit911 is right, 'I am thirsty' is best translated into English as 'У мене спрага" or "Я відчуваю спрагу" or in worst case scenario "Я спраглий" (although the last one sounds more like something a non-native Ukrainian speaker would say)


У мене спрага / Я відчуваю спрагу is what a nurse would report, describing a patient's condition. I have NEVER heard an ordinary person say that.


How would you say "I want a drink"?


A drink as a noun is напій. In principle, literally translating would give Я хочу напій, but this is not a common way to say it.

If it's about alcohol I'd go with (Я) хочу чогось випити (I want to drink something). In general case would be Я хочу якийсь напій (I want some drink).

Since we don't have articles, the feeling of "a" in "a drink" has to be emphasized by some other word like якийсь ("some")


I have read through the comments and understand that this is how you would say I am thirsty, but when learning a language wouldnt it be better to get more verbatum translations? Without going through this confusing comment section, one might not understand the difference between the word for thirsty and the word for to drink.


The speaking ones U have to talk really loud or else they can't hear U It's annoying


'Я' translates to 'I' 'Хочу' translates to 'want' 'Пити' translates to 'drink' - 'I want drink' would translate to 'I want a drink' So, why would would it have been marked as incorrect ?


"Drink" is carrying different meanings in both "I want a drink" and "I want to drink", specifically a noun object and an infinitive verb. "Пити" is an infinitive verb, and changing it for a noun changes the whole meaning of the sentence.


The fact that "drink" can be either a verb or a noun in English does not mean it is the same in every language in the world. Пити is a verb, an infinitive to be more precise, not a noun.


Ошибка разработчика! Исправьте пожалуйста! Некорректные слова для перевода!


I am thirsty is not a correct translation. I want to drink would be correct answer and it does not imply thirst. Spraha is thirst...so to translate I am thirsty - ja mayu sprahu.


If you want to translate an Italian sentence "ho fame", you will say "I'm hungry" rather than "I have hunger". Same here. In Ukrainian there is no other way to say "I'm thirsty" apart from "I want to drink". These two can be freely translated into each other, since it's an expression rather than literal statement word by word.


'I want to drink' usually does imply thirst ;)

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    i are wanting pint . pie aka п piped tthroaght pipe

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