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  5. "Моя донька"

"Моя донька"

Translation:My daughter

May 22, 2015



ДонькА? Is the stress correct?


Сorrect form is "дóнька" with stress on first syllable.
On forvo it sounds beautiful and remarcble. And I definetely sure that it should be reported.


It is not correct, should be дОнька. This is a common mistake among native speakers. But in дочкА the second syllable is stressed


If native speakers commonly put the stress on the final syllable, than it is not incorrect.


Lots of native speakers of lots of languages make lots of mistakes in their own native tongues. It just makes it so much more interesting for anyone trying to learn from them! ;)


Grammars and dictionaries should just mirror what native speakers say. The real, correct language is the language really spoken by the natives. In linguistics, it makes no sense say that something a native speaks is incorrect. But people learning a new language generally wants to learn something called "standard language", which is just a dialect of the language in question used in the media, books, documents, classes, lectures and so on.


However, we have dictionary to rule us all. While it's not in the dictionaries, it's incorrect


I didn't realize that this word had a curve in the vowel O's pronunciation. To me this sounds like "doinka". I thought the й letter stressed the vowel's change. In this word's spelling, if I hadn't heard the word before, I would assume it's pronounced "dohnka", the "do-" sound much like it is in the word dough. But it is not. Are my ears hearing this correctly, and this is one word that isn't as phonetic as it should be?


I am so confused between "Чий" and "Чия", please somebody help !!


чий masc singular, чия fem singular


Thank you very much.


What is the difference миї and моя? It can be replaceable each other?


Well, there is no "миї". I guess what you mean is either "мій" or "мої". So "мій" is singular form for masculine words, "моя" is singular form for feminine words and "мої" is a plural form


Just a thing though. This is one of those words that gets replaced with the russian дочка unless you are in the far west of Ukraine.

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