"I read books."

Translation:Eu leio livros.

September 26, 2013

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I don't believe the first person singular of this form was officially introduced, prior to this use.


I wrote: "Eu lê livros". Wrong! correct answer: "Eu li livros" (?) But the top of this comment page says: "Eu leio livros" WHICH IS IT!?!?!?! So confused..... O_o


The correct is "leio". "Lê" is for "ele/ela". And "li" is the past tense of "leio"


Duolingo should accept "li" as a translation of "read", since "read" could be past tense, but they really want the present tense "leio".


That's because we haven't learned the past tense yet.


Leio is very confusing for me can anyone break it down for me please??


I read=Eu leio; you read=tú lês/você lê; he/she reads= ele/ela lê (remember that there's no neutral pronoun in portuguese and we normally use the demonstrative "isto"); we read=nós lemos; you (guys) read= vós ledes/vocês lêem ("vós" is NEVER used in common talks; just early last century's texts uses this pronoun, often referring to only one person as a very polite form); they read= eles/elas lêem.

Remember that even being about the 2nd person, "você(s)" is conjugated as the third person ( just like all the treatment pronouns); the reason is : every time you call someone "você"(archaic form "vossa mercê"=thy/your grace) you're talking WITH the to person but TO his grace; one time his grace is not in the talk, you must use the third person.


Why is it de abacaxis as in eat pineapples, but for read books there is no de, just livros. When and when do you not use the 'de'


Eat pineapples would actually be "come abacaxis." De is used with gostar (and a some other words too, which I cannot think of at the moment). For example: Eu gosto de abacaxis.

As for the explanation of when to use 'de', I would suggest that you friend Davu and send him a message on the Duo site. He had a really good post on this. I wish I could give you the link. He would be able to give you the best explanation. You could also just start a discussion on the site and get some answers. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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