December 25, 2012


Dictionary hint says "anyone" but this is not accepted as an answer. Is it acceptable?

That probably depends on context, as "someone" /= "anyone".

I would argue that in this (lack of) context it is acceptable

In geekspeak, that's "someone" != "anyone"

Pshh, down votes not warranted. I loled (and, sadly, understood what was being said better when seeing it written this way, heh).

On topic, with lack of context, I would have automatically said "anyone" because I associated it with "Is anyone there?" (despite the fact that it was not a question). "Someone" as a stand-alone sentence without context is just... awkward.

(is there) Someone! (out there) or (is there) Anyone! (out there) ?

I can't understand the sentence. What's the situation to use this? To call anyone for help? Or I'm showing to others that I'm here?

Ich schreibe "Niemand!"

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