Practice chats???

Maybe Duolinguo could set a chat forum / audio video conferencing for people who want to pratice with native speakers??

I am practicing French :) am a native speaker in Spanish and also can teach English and help people practice their Italian.

This could be a great exchange and we would be helping each other in the oral department.

If it is not in the immediate plans of Doulinguo maybe us as a community can set up a network?? so we can practice in a "safe" environment.

9/26/2013, 6:28:41 PM

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I would love to see this happen. The simplest way to get this to work would be to just have Duolingo IRC channels (maybe #duolingo_espanol and #duolingo_francais for example). This shouldn't be too hard to set up, in fact as a proof of concept I just set up #duolingo_francais, though admittedly I have little experience with IRC so I'm not sure if anybody else will be able to connect... If anybody wants to try then go ahead.

9/26/2013, 9:55:23 PM

yeah i agree with you 100% i learing spanish and its hard i could need help with it but duolingo is teaching me a whole new thing then my techer is and its really hard.... i would like duolingo set up wre you can talk to people who speaks a different lauguge so they can help each other !!!!!

9/27/2013, 4:52:12 PM
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