"Jeg er en jente."

Translation:I am a girl.

May 22, 2015



Am I a pretty girl?


Woah woah slow down buddy. Adjectives come in the later lessons. You can be a pretty girl then.


Jeg er en jente (masculin), men jeg kan sier også "jeg er ei jente" (feminin)


I've gotten all of the "click the microphone and say:" wrong. I thought it was because I was saying them in Norwegian, and I was supposed to say it in English, so I said it in English, but it's still wrong. Can anyone help me? Thanks to anyone who can!


It may be due to the quality of your microphone.


I found out that it was because I was speaking fast, so it couldn't tell that I was saying all of the words. But thank you anyway!


When do i use ei and when is it en

[deactivated user]

    En is the indefinite article for masculine nouns, but can be used for feminine nouns as well.

    En jente and ei jente are both accepted although the first one is more common. Refer back to tips for more information.

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