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Suggestion for Duolingo

I was thinking maybe not the EXACT answer would be needed to make the answer right. For example:

Os gatos nao sao pequenos (The cats are not small), you can type Os gato sao grandes (The cats ARE BIG.)

What I am trying to say is you can put the same meaning of the exact answer down instead of the real answer itself.

December 25, 2012



What you are suggesting is very difficult to make. The translation of one phrase has multiple correct translations, but multiple possible phrases as answer can have a huge amount of translations. Your idea could work in a multiple choice page.


Hmm, yeah, I think you are referring to all of the synonyms one word has. And cool picture, by the way.


Not only the synonyms. The phrase of your example is very simple to have many answers, in future lessons there will be more complex sentences and answers will be more opened, so you will have many correct phrases.

For example:

She was runnig in the rain: Possible solutions:

She was getting wet while running

She was running and it was not sunny

She was hurried while getting wet

She was not walking in the rain...

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