"Noen salter"

Translation:Some salts

May 22, 2015



In its general use "salt" is an uncountable noun and therefore cannot be used in plural. However, if this refers to a type of salt,yeah I guess this is acceptable, but it's not of much use as people rarely talk about salt in this context. So how does one say "some salt" as in "a specific amount of salt" not a type in Norwegian?


I agree with you that it is many other nouns to use with some/noen, to learn the meaning of noen. Noen epler, noen gutter, noen jenter. It means more than one but not many.

Some salt = noe salt, or litt salt. The soup needs some salt = suppen trenger noe salt, litt (= a little) salt.


since salt is a single syllable et noun, would not the plural be salt rather than salter?


I don't think anyone ever uses this


You should try chemistry.

"Hvilke stoffer reagerer på dette?" "Noen salter".

"What substances react to this?" "Some salts".


Some salts are used for food, for example, pretzles are coated with sodium chloride and ammonium chloride is an ingredient in liquorice.


How would you buy bathing salts then?


Shouldn't "a little salt" be an acceptable answer?

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