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  5. "Er hat eine Jacke."

"Er hat eine Jacke."

Translation:He has a jacket.

May 22, 2015



Why 'eine' and not 'einen' isnt there an accusative in this sentence?


I'm a beginner but i think the reason for eine is because Jacke is feminine so stays as eine in the accusative. Hopefully a native speaker will confirm whether this is right or not


You are correct. This article helped me, ans hopefully will do thr same for you guys! https://www.fluentu.com/blog/german/german-nominative-accusative-pronouns-cases-articles/


One positive thing about Duolingo is in this example. Sometimes I have to click on the second icon, in order to hear, clearly, each word. No matter how many times I clicked on the larger icon, in this example, the only clear word I heard was the last one. The speakers language is very "natural." It is natural, because ALL native speakers of any language, " cluster" or " blend" the words in their speaking phrases. In this example, the first 3 words " Er hat eine ..." sound similar to a single sound/word. I could not decipher them. I could hear " Jacke. " That is all. Next time someone tells you that it is better to learn a foreign language from a native speaker, think carefully! Many native speakers do not hear themselves speak and how they actually speak and use their own language. When you are in a foreign country and listen to the natives' natural speech - unless you are trained or experienced in listening to that " naturalness" - it all sounds like one blurred sound patch. So, I persevere - realising that, even though I may not hear the words clearly, as I feel I should - my ear is gradually being " attuned" to natural speech.


Is the "J" sound in German more like the "y" sound in English?


Yes, in this case, "Jacke" sounds like "Yacke"


Difference between Jacke and Mantel?


Unlike ein Mantel, which is knee-to-ankle length, eine Jacke does not generally extend past the hip/crotch.

Why not do a google image search? I find that a visual image often helps a great deal in assimilating new vocab.


I think of Jacke as a jacket, and Mantel as a coat (similar to the French Manteau)


With all due respect, the man's voice is really hard to understand at times. He speaks way too fast and isn't all that clear; remember that most people here are beginners. He needs to slow down.

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