List Cool/Fun Youtube Channels for Brazilian Portuguese practice

A fun way to learn protuguese for me has been through a hilarious comedy improv troupe in Brazil called Os Barbixas. They have +300 clips on youtube many of them have the option of valid portuguese and english captions. Make sure to click the button that says CC in the bottom right of the youtube box to pick your preferred subtitle.


One of my favorite so far is Frente e Trás #3:

September 26, 2013


Great minds think alike. I mentioned these videos yesterday in this discussion about another set of videos I'm sure you'll like:

September 26, 2013

All TED Talks translated and subtitled in Brazilian Portuguese:

September 29, 2013

Here is another Duolingo thread pertaining to Brazilian movies:

September 30, 2013

Although basically an advert for the Semantica Video course ( these short promo videos are fun nonetheless:

September 30, 2013

sweet, will take a look. Oh yes, I remember these. Thanks!

September 30, 2013
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